miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

Informal reply to letter

Many thanks for you letter .I'm so happy that you're coming to see me, we'll have a wonderfull time together.Well, I'll give you the instructions.First, when you arrived to the airport you can see the bus stop, so you have to take a bus. it's about $400. it will take you the subway. there you must go out ta the cal y canto station. then take the last bus number 301. this will be leave you on the main street. it is calles German Dominguez. there you can see the supermarket. it is opposite of my building. the number of my flat is 105-A.
it is impossible missing it's a long way, but is easy to get to my place.
the weather in this season is very cold so you have to wear winter clothes. like scarf, gloves, pants, coats, wherever.
i hope we'd gen in touch.
see you soon
love carrie

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