jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

A ShoRt HiStoRy

Three years ago, I went camping with some of my friends. The season was summer; therefore, we chose to go to the seaside. After arriving there, we rented a room and left our luggage there. We finished lunch and then decided to rent a boat because the sea and the weather were beautiful.
We started to row, but about one mile out, the weather suddenly changed. Although the weather was not good, we didn't want to give up, but finally my friends and I agreed that we should go back. We tried to change the boat's direction, but as soon as we changed it, the oarlock broke. Therefore, we were unable to turn back. We had to wait for help because we couldn't do anything.
After seeing the change of weather, we shouldn't have continued to row, but it was too late. We regretted it. The sea changed a lot, the waves got very high, and the boat began to shake like a cradle. One of my friends started to cry; another started to vomit. Three hours passed, and nobody came to help us. We were just praying.
Fortunately, after five long hours of waiting, two big boats came to rescue us and we escaped. If they hadn't come to get us, we would have crossed the border. This story is the most exciting story of my life because we could have died, but luck was with us and we escaped.

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