sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

"Exremely surprised"
When I was 17 years old, my family and I went to Peumo for the holidays. We stayed in a my cousin's house.the first night there,I went to the party with my cousin. When I was dancing a girl appproached me and asked me if I new someone called Ignacio. She was a petit black wavy headed girl with big green eyes and pierced eyebrows. She was too cheerful and friendly,her voice was like the noise that rats make. She spoke, drink a beer and dance, the funny part was that I new that person that she asked me about before, he was my ex-friend and she was his sister. I've never met her but I remember that my ex talked about her and said that she was the happiest person on the planet, and he was right.She was always laughing and telling stories. I wanted so badly to run away, becauses he started to become annoying.Her clotehs were so funny, she was wearing blue jeans with sneakers and a black t-shirt and big earrings. Thankfully it was time to go home, and my cousin had told me to hurry up and come with her, I hapilly noded and said god bye to the girl. She was sad and her big beautiful eyes narrowed I saw that and told her that I will called her.the next day, I went to ride and I found that girl. she was to walk with her brother.He is very hadsome, bald boy with big and nice brown eyes, He was wearing black pants, tariners and light-blue t-shirt.I say hello very shy,then she invited to me at her home and can speak with him. A few months ago, I was in the internet and I found that boy. his name is Ignacio... that I have met in the party in facebook and He wrote on my wall, I wrote Him back and we bagan to speak constantly.Since then we are best friends and her sister with cheerful voice and appereance don't seem to bother me anymore, maybe it's because I'm friendly or more tolerant and I don't make fun of people anymore. I almost I like him. I'm glaad that I didn't.

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