miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

to: Director
from: Carrie Valenzuela
Date: Dicember 02th, 2009

I'm writting in response to your idea ot set up a new common room for students to use in our free time . I think that this is a excellent idea because we need more free and comfortable space for study, have a lunch or snack , relax, take a break and specially when we have a lot of free time between classes.

I have been thinking about your idea and I would like that the common room will stay on the 8th floor because there are a lot of benefit:
we will have a big space because is bigger than others.
large windows that makes very comfortable and lighting.
have cahir and tables and the winter so air conditioning will be warmer there.
the room can as well have tv, radio, computers and books related to our needs.

I would like you could give me a few datils about your idea for compare with my idea , also I would like recommend you to visit this room because you will notice that these aspect are for real.

I hope my answer is of interest to you.
thank for you time !


Carrie Valenzuela.

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