miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

I'd prefer to live in a city rather than in a countryside because in the city you have all things that you need and that do you want, for example you can go everywhere in little time,we have access topublic transportation. you can do you responsabilities because there are more job oportunities.The city have a lot of atractions,
entertainment that the country don't have, in the city you can go to place in the night, for example you can go to Discotheques and Pubs and there you know variety of people and cultures or you can choose where do you prefer stay at home with your family or you boyfriend/girlfriend. Another adventage is that access to facilities modern tech and you can see variety of shopping for example in the city there are a lot of malls, different kinds of strores.
Obviously the city have disadvantages due to the higher tendency to crime because of diversity of ideologies, also the enviroment it's not so good because there are pollution, to much noise. The traffic is awful and this is the main reason why people sometimes have stress and bad temper.
If you live in the city you can stay with a lot of people, I don't like to be alone.I need to talk with my family, I have so much friends and we always go everywhere by car, bus or subway. I like to go to the university, to my job, shooping, to the cinema, etc. I think in the city we can live more comfortable because I'm more conneted to the world.

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  1. Good effort!
    You have some great ideas with clearly supported examples. However, you haven't included an introduction that explains what you are writing about or a conclusion that summarizes your ideas.