miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

the best way to travel in santiago is by car because it's faster and safer than buses. in my opinion , you can go anywhere and in any moment. I mean, you choose where and in the time you want to go for example at the work, school or simply a trip. another benefit , you can travel long distances and is cheapper than public transportation. therefore, that is very uncomfortable opcion to travel in santiago, it's alway has a lot of people and almost dirty.
as well that, you can travel with people that you want, it can be more fun and if you are later the buses have quite frecuency, the subway is crowded all day. Another way is to travel by bycicle, but is that in this city drivers respect cyclist making this type of transport very dangerous that's why we know about accidents caused by irresponsible drivers who don't bother to check if there are bycicles or morocycles coming at their blind point.
in conclusion, I strongly belive that is the best way to travel is by car, you can stop anywhere and you can go with and where you wish.

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  1. I kind of agree with your points. In some ways you have more freedom when you have a car.

    You have a good argument with good supporting examples, but you haven't really included an introduction.

    Be careful with punctuation. Every sentence must begin with a capital letter.