jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

what effect does tourism on chile?

In my opinion this has benefited our society in a number of ways. firstly, today more people move around in the search for better living. another aspect, it enbles us to meet other cultures and to learn that ours styles of life is not the only way wich is very positive because as for the idea that travel broadens the mind , widens people's horizons. as a result the improve the economy on ours country
for example the hotels are all owned by foregin companies. as you can see, we can go abroad and do exactly what do you do at home. consequently, this helps attack ignorance to other cultures, which so often lead to racial prejudice and even violence.
another benefit is that people can see the world's most real and spectacular natural sight and visit its every places. therefore, we discover our country and other cities and become more knowledgeable in a way wich is really not possible with the internet or tv.
finally, I belive that if we travel with an open mind, our horizons be widened far a way.

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  1. There are good things and bad things connected to travelling. However, I tend to agree with you.