martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


few years ago my family planned a trip to Lagos de todos los santos . We were so excited! Well when we were almost there, we noticed we were the only car going in that direction, and everyone seemed to be leaving. Finally we got to a point where a police inspector told us there was a danger road coming so he sent us to the Red Cross Shelter to stay. We had to stay there for 2 days eating off of granola bars , fruit, and water. After the storm passed we left for our condo on the lake. When we got there of course we had to go swimming in the lake! So we were in the water about a foot or two deep and I was sucked under and was taken away by the waves.

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  1. I couldn't swim with the 6 feet tall waves crashing on my head, so I scram with every breath I could take.