martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I apologize for haven’t written , but I've been staying in Rancagua for this year. I'm here because I helped my grandfather getting ready for the rodeo. Every September every rider, people from around get together in Rancagua to commemorate the fiestas patrias, when on September 18th 1818 was the independence of our country, all people in Rancagua it’s ready to celebrate the fiestas patrias and during celebration of the best rodeo from Rancagua. In the ring you can find wine tasting, local crafts, typical Chilean food and lost fun activities.
The celebration was a success. My grandfather sold more than 500 tickets for the rodeo and my grandmother sold 400 empanadas. That makes my feel very thankful, because I had the opportunity of the lived that experience, as you can imagine, I earned a lot of money. With my money the day of the rodeo, I could have fun with the activities. I went horse riding and my grandmother even got nominated for the empanada’s Queen Beauty pageant. The organizer made up for it by providing some excellent food. The empanadas and anticuchos were delicious and the wine certainly kept everyone smiling.
I enjoyed every day of the celebration. I got the chance to meet a lot of young people and I even got a job for the next year. I whished you'd been here, I miss you

Well, that’s all from me. Let me know what you’ve been doing recently.

the best wishes

Carrie //

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  1. Excellent! Well organized and written in appropriate informal style.
    You have made a great improvement on spelling and punctuation!